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Next Generation Websites

From local development to global deployment, Terminal is everything you need to build fast modern websites hosted on IPFS. Welcome to the new internet.

Deploy your site in seconds

1. Connect your repository

2. Add your build settings

3. Deploy your site to IPFS

No really its that simple.

Why host my site on IPFS?

No Server Required

Immutable Content

Censorship Resistant

Available Offline


No Downtime

More Secure

More Performant

Works for almost all sites & popular frameworks

What does an IPFS hosted site look and feel like?

The new & improved way to deploy web projects

One Seamless Workflow

Replace your hosting infrastructure, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline with a single workflow. Get all the tools you need to deploy and manage your site on IPFS.

Built-In Performance

Your site not only runs on IPFS, it’s also supplemented with a global, enterprise-grade CDN, allowing for speed, scale, and performance that is superior to normal hosting. 

Custom Domains & More

Buy or add existing .com and other top level domains to use for your IPFS site. You can also add ENS and other blockchain based domains to your site. Other add ons coming soon!

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Tech Docs

Learn how to get started using Terminal, deploy your first site to IPFS, explore advanced features, and more.

Terminal Experts

Talk with Terminal to help get set up using Terminal and hosting your site or app on IPFS.